We are a parents group working to reform the MN GAL program to serve all families equitably.  


MN State GAL Board is aware of program shortfalls which have been expressed during recent board meetings. Immediate reform, or defund!

It is very rare that a Guardian ad Litem has education, credentials and certifications in mental health.  Their scope of work does not allow for them to work in a mental health capacity when working as a court ordered Guardian ad Litem.  Therefore, the GAL's shall never make recommendations outside of their defined scope of work.  Many GAL's often work in a capacity that is considered to encumber upon Licensed Psychologists, which is governed by the State of MN.


Guardian Watch, and it's member partners "Go Forward Strategy" is simple.


1)  Guardian ad Litem's shall act in the capacity of a clerk, an information gathering arm of the court.   


2)  Shall not write a recommendation('s) to the court regarding custodial agreements.


3) If GAL suspects abuse, immediately report suspicions to CPS.


4) If GAL suspects court abuse by one of the parties, GAL shall report concerns to court immediately.


Currently MN GAL policy places Guardians, and MN Court system at risk of lawsuits.  MN Psychology Board regulates many current practices which GAL's partake in.  The court is currently at risk for its current behaviors, as well as putting all families at risk 




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