We may be able to help

We have developed a local networking referral partnership with many different groups in the upper Midwest.  Since each case typically has unique needs, we do our best to refer you to the proper partners.


We currently are not open to additional members for our advisor board, but we are always looking for new, great networking partners. 


Minnesota Guardian Watch was started by a group of parents who were brought together under unfortunate circumstances.  The parents all had similar stories, injustice was consistent within their stories, and recognized GAL reform was needed immediately.  The group has its roots thanks to the internet and GAL corruption.  


The parents within the group realized they could now change the past, however, they know that they will change the future.  This group of parents do not offer legal advice, but they do offer their experiences in dealing with an overwhelming system.  Many parents experience a lot of uncertainty, as well as confusion in a system with many moving elements.


If you have had experience in the family court system and have concerns, or questions about the Guardian Ad Litem on your case, please contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.  




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