Interesting GAL reads, "charity organization", or make it hospice

Interesting GAL reads, this should run more like a "charity organization" or be put on hospice care.
Counties "screen out" most child abuse reports, By Brandon Stahl
 Brandon Stahl Blog
 City Pages by Susan Du
 Mother who accused Nelson of inappropriate behavior has court hearing
 Mom temporarily gets kids in Nelson-involved custody case
 Fox 54 Investigates Courts and Custody Battles
 What did judges know about guardian ad litem issues?
 Mother who got custody despite past arrests in trouble with the law again
 Guardian ad litem accused by parent of improper billing
 Another Nelson case goes back before a judge
 Advocacy group presents evidence of wrong-doing by court system to Barrow
 Judge Craig considers removing himself from child custody case
 Radio reporter says judge scared him off from covering allegations against Nelson
 WFXG continuing to investigate allegations against Nelson
 More accusations emerge against Nelson
 Advocacy group calls for re-opening of custody cases
 Nelson resigns as magistrate judge
 Women make accusations against former guardian ad litem
 Nancy Schafer
 Corruption in CPS
 Family Law Report: Jerry Collins Interview
 Call to Action
 Call to Action

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