Time to rehab the GAL program, make it a "non-profit" organization

MN requires your Barber to have 37.5 times more training than your GAL.  The Guardian program needs to go through rehab, it has turned from a "non-profit" organization, into assuring profits for select individuals in the therapy and legal community.


State Guardian ad Litem Board
 Policy No. 4
 Guardian ad Litem Program Requirements and Guidelines (Non-statutory)
 (formerly Guardian Ad Litem System Program Standards)
 Supersedes: CCJ Administrative Policy #20
 Approved: September 23, 2011
 Effective Date: November 1, 2011
 A. Juvenile Protection Training Attend a minimum of (40) forty hours of guardian ad litem training focused on child protection. The training must be approved by the State Guardian ad Litem Board.
 B. Indian Child Welfare Act Training Individuals who may be assigned Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) cases must complete an additional (6) six hours of specialized training in the Indian Child Welfare Act. The training must be reviewed and approved by the State Guardian ad Litem Board.
 C. Domestic Violence Training In addition to the 40 hour pre-service training, within the first twelve (12) months of their service, every GAL shall also complete no less than (6) six hours of training on domestic and family violence. The training must be approved by the State Guardian ad Litem Board.
 D. Family Court Training GAL employees who serve in family court, must complete the juvenile protection and family violence training requirements above (a and c) and, within their first twelve (12) months of work, attend an additional 16 hour training course regarding family court matters. The training must be approved by the State Guardian ad Litem Board.
 E. Certificates of Completion Certificates of completion for each of the required training sessions outlined above will be issued for those individuals who satisfactorily complete the training requirements. Board staff will verify attendance to program managers. These certificates serve as the official record that the guardian ad litem has met the training requirement(s). The district program will keep a record in the guardian ad litem file of all required education and training courses completed by the individual.
 Barbers and Barbershops: Various Classes
 Minnesota Board of Barber Examiners (BBE)
 Student :
 A. 1,500 hours of training in a board approved barber school.
 B. Successfully pass the apprentice examination.
 C. Students who fail the exam are required to complete an additional 500 hours of schooling prior to retest.
 Apprentice :
 Must work under the immediate supervision of a registered barber for 12 months and 1,500 hours.
 Must purchase home study course.
 Must have a current license while working.
 Registration must be renewed annually.
  -Successfully pass the registered barber examination. Apprentices who fail only the written portion of the examination may retake only the written one-time. If written retake or any other part of the exam is failed, must complete an additional 300 hours of apprenticeship before they are eligible to retake the examination.
  -Apprentice has 4 years to complete the above requirements. If requirements are not fulfilled within the 4 years applicant would have to take 500 hours of additional training and retake apprentice examination to barber in Minnesota.

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